Working with Matt Kohler at Kohler Architects has been a pleasure. Matt’s experience in how to solve architectural challenges, meet building codes, and navigate the Palo Alto process has been invaluable.  Coupling that with his flexibility and willingness to use our ideas when appropriate has enabled us to get an ideal architectural result.  Matt and Kohler architects have my highest recommendation.

Andy Poggio, 2023

Matt designed our new house and helped us successfully get our permits recently.  He is always willing to hear our needs, meanwhile also brings in brilliant ideas. He always has prompt response, gives us updates for every milestone in the project in a timely manner. As the architect who knows the Palo Alto City so well, he is clear about  details of the code requirements which makes the permit application process smooth and fast. We really enjoyed working with Matt , and will strongly recommend Kohler Architects to our friends in the future.

HI, 2023

We had a wonderful experience working with Kohler Architects.  They made sure to create a comfortable, functional and beautiful space for us. They have been doing this for a long time and we really valued the insights they provided to help shape our space. They incorporated everything from our (constantly evolving )wishlist and the results are just fabulous!

Key highlights :

  1. The project moved at a steady pace throughout. Matt was always on top of things and very responsive.
  2. Our submissions for Planning and Building were approved seamlessly. Big accomplishment for Palo Alto! Kohler’s experience in working with the City of Palo Alto was really instrumental in the smooth execution of the project.
  3. We had an unusual challenge related to our pool. I was not getting much support on it from the pool company so I turned to Matt and he helped navigate the City requirements and file exceptions.
  4. Matt was always available to answer questions and resolve any practical issues that came up in the field.

We are really thankful for the support they provided to us for our project and would HIGHLY recommend their services.

Disha Chopra, 2022

Matt and team have been great to work with! We absolutely love the design of our new home. All the brilliant ideas and great design have come to light. The project wouldn’t have gone through smoothly without his professionalism and expertise. The new home design in Palo Alto was totally new to us initially, but thanks to his rich experience in the area, he guided us through each step with great patience. Matt is super responsive and reliable, and he responds to our emails and questions promptly (even late night). I would highly recommend Kohler to anyone who is planning to build a new house in Palo Alto!

Cindy Wu, 2023

The design was wonderful and included things that I didn’t know I needed. Very experienced and worked well with the city planning office.

Shirley Chen, 2022

We are thrilled to share our utmost appreciation for the exceptional work carried out by the architect team comprising Matt Kohler, Jeff Kuo, and Uli Dueregger. Their unwavering dedication and expertise have once again left us astounded as they brilliantly aided in the design of our new home. This marks our second collaboration with this remarkable trio, and their consistently outstanding performance has only deepened our admiration.
Matt, Jeff, and Uli’s collective efforts have led to the creation of a space that truly resonates with our vision and aspirations. Their innovative ideas, attention to detail, and collaborative spirit have made this entire design journey an absolute pleasure. We are genuinely excited about the prospect of further collaborations, as we are confident that with this team, each project will be an inspiring masterpiece. We would go with them again, and would recommend highly. Matt Kohler, Jeff Kuo, and Uli Dueregger have exceeded our expectations at every turn, and we eagerly look forward to more successful collaborations with them in the future.

Michelle Lam, 2023

The Kohler team worked with us on our new home construction project and did a fantastic job. I was impressed with their level of experience which really helped speed along getting the permits. I appreciated all the time they took to answer questions and accommodate our design requests. We worked directly with Matt who I would highly recommend.

Xin Liu, 2022